Located in Aiken County South Carolina, and conveniently situated for easy access to Augusta, GA, and Columbia, SC.  We specialize in portrait and dance photography.  We offer a creative, stylish, and fun experience.  We appreciate how a photo can bring back memories of a special person at a special moment that will never be repeated.  

We enjoy scouting new and exciting locations for outdoor photoshoots when we are not shooting.

We also offer a comfortable studio where light and shadow can be expertly blended together for dramatic and eye-catching images.  

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We provide:

  • Expert photographer and professional equipment. 
  • A collaborative working environment where we show you images as they are captured so we can work together to correct anything that needs additional attention.  
  • Consultation before your photoshoot to answer any questions you might have and to discuss image concepts. 

You provide:

  • Your favorite outfits that make you feel comfortable and very attractive. 
  • A willingness to try something out of your ordinary day.