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About us:

More than thirty (30) years of professional experience in photography.  Specializing in portraits, dance, and action photography.  


We are located in Aiken County, South Carolina close to Augusta, GA, Columbia, SC, and Charlotte, NC. We offer a creative, stylish, and fun photo shoot experience. We appreciate how a photo can capture a perfect moment in time.  

When we are not shooting, we enjoy scouting new and interesting locations for outdoor photo shoots.

We also offer a comfortable studio where light and shadow can be expertly blended together for dramatic and eye-catching images.

How does this work?
We provide:

* Expert photographer and professional equipment.
* Gentle and respectful coaching to help you achieve flatter poses.
* Fashion accessories that can be added to your wardrobe if needed.
* Consultation before your photo shoot to answer any questions you might have and to discuss image concepts.

You provide:

* Your favorite outfits that make you feel comfortable.
* A willingness to try something out of your ordinary day.